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Art Fight 2022

I participated in Artfight this year and for one of my attacks, I decided to do a quick animation. The character's name is Myra and she belongs to Spyri. This animation was my first test of shading on an animation in ToonBoom Harmony.

Don't Tell Her to Smile

This was a small gif exercise using my original character Crystal. She is a siren/fairy and I wanted to show her going through a partial transformation between her normal form and her bird-like form. I wanted to go with the concept of her hearing a catcaller and promptly scaring them off.

I'm the Wolfman

A few years ago, I was watching the English dub bloopers for Ouran Host Club when I got this idea. I thought this audio would be fun to utilize my original character Senon with as he popped out of a Jack o' Lantern for Halloween.

Bee Gif

A puppet practice and a play on my name since Deborah means bee and it has pink knee as a nod to my last name.

Calamity Punch

A few years ago I watched a drama called Quartet and there's a fight scene in the first episode where one of the main characters does a finger wiggle before punching a guy; this animation is based on that fight. I've been wanting to animate this move for a while and my villain OC, Calamity, was perfect for it.

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