2D Animation

Ira Leaps

A puppeted, jump animation. The animation was imported into after effects where the lava, fire, lighting, as well as stone animation was added in.

Simone's Mission

My first animation utilizing ToonBoom's library function to give my character, Simone, various facial expressions and hand positions.

Leith Spies

A lip sync animation. This animation gave me some trouble with how to position his far hand


Audio: Brian Holden in Starkid's musical Starship

Bouncing Sheep

This is my first puppeted animation. Using a simple character and rig, I had a sheep jump.

Sugar Rush

A collaborative project between two other people and myself over the course of 24 hours. We created this short with the prompt "Bizarre Holiday" in mind. The story is a girl gets a sugar rush while enjoying Free Slurpee Day. 

I animated the beginning and ending sections.